Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Williams Cemetery

During one of my morning walks while visiting Indiana, I decided to venture to the Williams Cemetery.  My friend, Cindy, told me this cemetery existed close to their property, and we walked by it several times when we were out with Mosey and Andy.  So one morning, in my solitude, I decided to check it out.

I took the following from www.interment.net, as it is the only history I have been able to find on the cemetery.

Williams Cemetery
Martinsville, Morgan County, Indiana

Lat: 39° 28' 37"N, Lon: 86° 24' 49"W
Clay Twp, Sec 15
Contributed by Jeff Curtis, Aug 02, 2006, last edited Aug 29, 2006. Total records = 255.

To reach this cemetery from Martinsville IN, drive north on Blue Bluff Road for about 3.5 miles.The cemetery is approximately 500 yards southeast of the intersection of Maple Turn Road and Blue Bluff Road.

"From Blue Bluff Road you need to go south of Maple Turn Road for just a couple of hundred yards. Turn left onto William and Mary Drive. This is a small sub-division with a single street. William and Mary Driver takes a 90-degree left turn and continues on to a cul-de-sac. At the turn a gravel road continues to the right. Meanwhile, straight ahead of you will be a small field with a barn on your left. I parked here and walked across the field. Once you are on the other side (probably about 100 yards), there is a dirt road that continues through a small section of woods and crosses a small brook. After crossing the brook you come into a small clearing underneath some power lines and the cemetery is on a hillside to the left."

Upon entering the cemetery from the area under the power lines, which we talked about yesterday, this is what you see.

The welcome sign to the cemetery.

Just beyond the sign naming the cemetery, there is an upward slope and several grave markers.  For some reason I found this picture to be most disturbing.  There is something particularly eerie or sinister about it.

I made my way up the slope and this was one of the first markers I encountered.  So ancient that time and weather had worn away the statistics.

Another marker of similar size and in similar condition.  Although I was impressed that someone had stopped by to place this American flag at the marker.  As you can see, the flag has not been there for long, so someone is still visiting these souls.

This poor marker was toppled over.  I do not think it was vandals.  But rather the ravages of time.

Finally, I happened upon this still very solid stone which was hardly weather worn.

And another elaborate stone in very good condition.

Priscilla, wife of Jackson was starting to show some aging.

Then, there was a row of four small markers, all lined up together.  I was curious to find out what the significance was and why they were all aligned.  It was four small graves for children.  Lanina, who was ten years old.

Abraham who must have died during or right after birth.

Hester who died at age two.

And Joseph who died at or just after birth.

So sad.  Childbirth was quite different in the 1800's than today.  Not only did newborns sometimes, many times, not make it, neither did their mother.  With so much going on in our world today that is unpleasant, we are very lucky, at least in the United States, to have wonderful prenatal and postnatal care for both mother and child.

And finally, one last look at this hallowed ground before leaving.  Another unhappy photo.  This one with a sort of "sepia" tone to it which was not intended.  I did nothing to the photo lens nor did I enhance the picture in any way before posting.  You notice none of the other pictures have this effect. Were the occupants unhappy that I was visiting their private space?  Did they want me to leave?  Or were they just acknowledging my presence?  We will never know.  

Monday, September 29, 2014

Oh What Fun It Is to Go to Indiana

When we last talked, I was headed to Indiana to visit my friend Cindy and her daughter, Gretchen. It was a wonderful trip.  Here is a pictorial of my journey.

I got an early morning start on Friday, September 19.  I jumped on the Orange Line train at Cheverly and arrived at L'Enfant Plaza around 5:45 AM.  I changed to the Yellow Line which goes directly to Reagan National Airport.  I was there and through security in no time.  All of this in preparation for a 7:45 AM flight to Detroit and then on to Indianapolis.

I flew Delta.  I usually fly Delta.  I am rather loyal to them.  I have been known to fly Delta even if the fare is a little higher.  Why?  When it comes to on-time service, there is no other domestic carrier that surpasses them.  They want the passengers on the plane, in their seats and the door closed so they are pushing back from the gate on-time.  They do not mess around.  When they say "We are number one in on-time arrivals", they mean it.

Arrived in Indianapolis and made our way to the house.  They have a wonderful place out in the countryside on five acres.  The house and grounds are immaculate.

On part of their property, they grow soybeans.  Well, actually they alternate between soybeans and corn.  This year it is soybeans.  They rent the ground to a local farmer and are paid a nominal fee. Acres and acres of soybeans.  Not just on their property but everywhere.

Between the wooded area behind their house and the soybean field, there is a swath of ground which is used as a walking path.  This is where Mosey and Andy are taken for walks and to use the bathroom.  More on them a little later.

Just off the walking path there is another trail.  This is just an added area for Andy and Mosey.

They built this cute little footbridge over a small creek which runs through their property.

Once you cross the footbridge, there is a large, open area with high-powered electric lines on poles. The state is required to keep this area clear of trees and overgrowth, so they contract with local companies who have the equipment necessary for this job.  The crane you see above is one of those pieces of equipment.  There is a large, serrated blade on the end of the boom on this crane.  One morning on our walk, someone was in the crane and he was using the blade to cut large limbs off the trees.  It was very interesting to watch.

You get a better idea of this area in this picture.  And you can see the area to the left near the wooded area where the crane operator was working earlier in the day.

When he was done for the day, there was this large area of very coarse mulch.  After they cut the limbs, they bring in large mulching equipment and turn the trimmings into mulch.  The whole process is amazing.


Now, to Mosey and Andy, ... and Dusty.  We cannot leave out Dusty.

Dusty is the feline of the house.  He did not get mentioned earlier because we were talking about walking along the dog path.  As first, he wanted no part of picture taking.

But with a little coaxing and some interest in our wine purchases, he came around.

A pensive Dusty.  He is beautiful and so extraordinarily friendly.

Then there is Mosey.  Here he is enjoying his dinner.  He is a wonderful boy and very friendly too.

And finally, Andy.  The most lovey, dovey boy you will ever meet.  I would lie down on the floor and he would nuzzle up next to me.  But then he would keep trying to get closer but he couldn't get any closer.  He is a special boy.

I arrived back home on Monday, September 22, just days before the fire at the air control tower in Chicago which still has air traffic backed up.  A friend of mine is still trying to leave DC.  He is on day two of trying to get out of town and his flight has already been delayed twice today.

A wonderful visit.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

We're Off to Indianapolis

We're taking a few days off and flying to Indianapolis, Indiana.

My dear friend from many years ago, Cindy, and her daughter Gretchen are hosting me for a long weekend.  I expect we will have a few drinks and catch up.  You will remember that Cindy came to Crest Avenue for a visit in the spring.  We spent her time here working in the yard and had way too much fun.  Now, it is my turn to travel.  I have an early morning flight tomorrow and will be back in town late on Monday.  So have a great weekend everyone and I'll have lots of pictures to post next week!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Cards Used to Keep Myself Organized.

I have long been a maker of lists.  Since I was a young child I have made lists.  Lists for everything. I have used many different types of lists over the years, but I always come back to the tried and true index card style of list making.  I particularly like the 3 inch by 5 inch index cards. I find they have enough space in which to put down my ideas or to make a shopping list or to keep track of project work. They fit perfectly in my shirt pocket or the back pocket of a pair of jeans.

The only problem I have is that they will not make it through the fuser in a laser printer.  They are just too small for the mechanics of the printer.  The 4 inch by 6 inch cards will make it through, but not the 3 inch by 5 inch cards.  So, over the weekend, I decided to make my own 3 inch by 5 inch cards using the "text box" feature in Microsoft Word, and a sheet of white card stock.  The end result was perfect.

After several attempts, I settled on the design above.  This is all done with text boxes and utilizing Word Art for the vertical description headings on each card.  I know it is all very old school of me, but I cannot get into using lists keepers on my cell phone or tablet or computer. There is something about holding these cards in your hand and actually striking through each item as it is completed that is more satisfying to me that viewing it on an electronic device.

So if you are like me and you still prefer list making the old-fashioned way, you can design your own cards like I did.  

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sometimes You Just Need New Cushions

Early in the season, when I was first starting to clean up from winter, I decided that we needed new seat cushions for the high table chairs on the patio.  This table and two-chair set was at the Dewey Street property but is now at Crest Avenue.

We found that it worked better on the patio at Crest Avenue than on the small deck at Dewey Street. So we brought it down and we gave it a good wash.

The chair and table are made of aluminum and then coated with a powder-coated flat finish.  I decided to go with new seat cushions of a solid color.

I prefer the look of the solid color green over stripes or floral prints.  I find that the solid colors do no compete with all the beautiful flora in the garden.  Rather, the solid colors accent all of the colors and textures in the garden.  This is a relaxing and cozy place to have a glass of wine and a grape and cheese board with a friend or by yourself.  You could also serve a relaxing and romantic candlelit dinner for two.

Monday, September 15, 2014

It's Time to Start Thinking About Halloween!

It will be here before you know it.  Six weeks from this coming Friday and the ghouls and goblins will be making their way through the cool night air and onto your doorstep.  I enjoy Halloween.  I did as a child and I do as an adult.  Everybody likes to be scared.  That's why we go to scary movies. That's why we ride insane roller coasters at amusement parks.  We enjoy the adrenaline rush of being scared.

We will be devoting a good deal of time to the holiday over the next several weeks and hopefully sharing some ideas that you will find of interest.

Today I want to share with you a find that I made last week in the form of fun soap dispensers.

First, Mr. Black Cat.

A scary green skull.

Ohhhhhhh Noooooo!  He sort of looks like The Screamer.

And they all have their very own scent,  Licorice Bits, Spooky Delight and Bone Chiller.  These are fun for kids and adults too.  If you are having a Halloween party this year, how much fun it would be to set these hand soap dispensers out at all your sinks.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

A Beautiful Friday Morning Walk

Fall is almost here.  September 22 is the official first day.  We are starting to feel the change in the season.  The first half of the week was extremely hot and most humid.  As hot and humid as any day this summer.  However, yesterday morning was positively beautiful.  I find that once the heat and humidity start to dissipate, everyone takes a sigh of relief.  So it was yesterday morning as I walked to the office.  I took a few pictures that I would like to share with you.

The Watergate West end residential units in the background.  The Whitehurst freeway overpass just in front of that leading commuters to various points downtown.  Commuters below traveling under the K Street, NW overpass on their way to M Street, NW and then to various office locations.

Another beautiful shot of the sky over Georgetown.  You can catch a glimpse of the very end of the Watergate West residential building on the far left of this hot.  Many times you will see planes taking off from National airport in these shots.  I must have been filming between flights yesterday.

A little further along K Street NW approaching Georgetown proper and about to go under the Whitehurst Freedway.  Cars along the left are traveling into the city from points in Virginia - mostly South Arlington.

They put these beautiful baskets of petunias out every year in Georgetown and they do a superb job of maintaining them through the hot and oppressive summer.

And a shot below.  Just extraordinary.

And finally, a gorgeous hedge along this walk under the Whitehurst Freeway.

And so was my Friday morning.  I hope yours was a good one too!