Friday, October 24, 2014

Somebody Needs to Get a Haircut

Somebody is looking a little shaggy this morning.

Baxter needs a haircut

We need to call or email Cassandra TODAY and get an appointment for this boy.  That is way too much wire hair.  I think next Friday would be the perfect day for him to have a spa day.

Our New Logo on Several New Items

We received a package yesterday with some goodies we ordered last week with our new logo.  I thought I would share this with you.

I love our new colorful logo.  It is called "Modern Rainbow."  I wanted something colorful and catchy and I fell in love with this.  So we have ordered new envelopes and letterhead and business cards and yesterday our box arrived with these items.

A new mousepad for the office.

This great canvas bag to carry all sorts of things.  You can never have too many canvas bags in different sizes.

And a new baseball cap.  I love baseball caps.  I have an enormous inventory of them.  I wear them everywhere.  How nice to add a new version of the WTCA logo to the collection.

And finally, yours truly, modeling the new baseball cap.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Bobino Key Clip

You all know that I frequently share with my readers various items that I find as I am out and about. When I find something that I think is really ingenious and which brings ease to our lives, I am all the more excited to share it with you.  That is what today's post is all about.  The Bobino Key Clip.  It is very small in physical size, but it is very big in its ability to bring ease to life.  So here goes.

I carry a messenger bag with me everywhere I go.  Actually, it is a Kenneth Cole bag which was designed to carry a laptop.  But it has the compartments I need, so I use it as a messenger bag to carry my essentials - my cell phone, an umbrella, my credit card holder, business cards, antacids, Benadryl, Excedrin Extra Strength, a bottle of water, my blood glucose testing supplies, shopping list/project lists, documents which need my attention, ... and my keys.  The problem with the keys was that I could never find them.  No matter where I put my hand inside the bag, I could not find them.  This drove to me to complete distraction.  Hunting and searching for the keys.  Every time I needed the keys, hunting and searching.  Then I found the Bobino Key Clip.  A Godsend!!  It simply clips right over the fabric separator in the middle of the bag and you clip your keys on it when you are done using them.  And there they stay until you need them again.  I do not carry my keys in my pants pocket.  Not a good look.  Nobody wants to walk around with their keys jangling in their pants pocket.  That is uncomfortable.  It stretches the fabric and wears a hole in your pocket.  Another alternative for the guys is to use a keyring that is easily attached to and released from a belt loop.  I have seen many guys using this means to carry their keys.  I do not generally find myself in social situations where that is appropriate, so clipping them to this little device in my bag was the perfect answer for me.  This little clip can be used inside a messenger bag, purse, backpack, briefcase or luggage.  I picked up my Bobino Key Clip at The Container Store for $3.99.

Check out their website at  When you arrive at the site, click on "Bobino" along the left side of the screen and it will take you to the homepage for this item and many other useful gadgets.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

And the Final Pictures of the Wedding Day

After the ceremony and the exchanging of vows and brunch, we all moved inside for cake.

A happy Bev!!  And behind her our good friend Mark.

And another of our very best friend, Lea.  Happy and smiling as always.  Lea is a California gal who has traveled extensively all over the world.  We are so glad she finally decided to put down roots in Cheverly.

Here is a picture of Bette's hand as she began serving the most delicious cake you have ever tasted in your life.

Bette made the cake.  She used a recipe from Southern Living which included peaches.  I know that when Bette bakes she uses King Arthur flour, so I'm certain that had something to do with the extraordinary flavor of this cake.

Delicious, freshly made cake and a large pot of coffee with half and half and cane sugar.  That's my kind of wedding party.

I particularly like this picture of Bob offering Bette a serving of their wedding cake.  He looks so happy in this picture and, indeed, there was reason for him to be happy this day.  Bette is a wonderful woman and they make a great couple.  We all love Bette.

And, finally, yours truly, back on the deck after enjoying brunch and a slice of cake and some coffee. Ready to take a nap.  Which I did a little while later.

Friday, October 17, 2014

The Favor Boxes and Other Things

Bob and Bette were married on August 24 and we covered our trip to Gettysburg for the wedding here on WTCA. There are a few more photos I would like to share with you of that day.

Here is one of the favor boxes Bev and I put together.  She did the "thank you" labels and the little organza ribbons.  They were so cute.

Here was the tray of them which we took with us.  We placed a box at each place setting.  The extras we put on a tray near the drink table.

Guests starting to gather for the ceremony.

Here is Bette descending the stairs and on her way to the altar to her waiting groom.  It was a beautiful day.

And Bette making her way across the lawn to meet with the minister and Bob.

Bette and Bob preparing to exchange vows.

Bette and Bob listening very intently to the minister.

Afterward, the celebration of the union was held on the deck at Bette's house.

Beautiful Bev.

Another view of the guests and Bob and Bette at their table, front and center.

Steven.  And in the background, near the left of the picture in the sunhat is our friend Lea.

Each table was adorned with one of these lovely little glass vases with sand and seashells.  They looked very nice alongside the floral arrangements.

Each table had a white and green hydrangea arrangement in little square glass block vase.

A close-up of the hydrangea table setting.  Just beautiful.

This is a shot of the corner of the pergola under which Bob and Bette exchanged vows.  These flowers were exceptional.

And a long shot of the pergola, fully adorned with fresh flowers and the table holding the unity candle and tapers.

Finally, a picture of Bette's BFF, Meg.  She was instrumental in helping Bette get ready for the ceremony, among other things.

We all had such a wonderful time.  We had a good crowd and the day was magnificent. Congratulations again to my dear friends, Bob and Bette. 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

An Amazing Sunset

Last night, as I was leaving the office, I saw the most amazing sunset over Rosslyn, VA I can ever remember seeing.

We had some rather severe storms pass through yesterday afternoon and the remaining thunderheads were quite a sight to see.

These pictures do not do the scene justice, but I had to at least attempt to capture this beautiful sky as best I could.  The angels are celebrating the arrival of my grandmother possibly.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

We Recently Had A Death in The Family

I have been absent since last Wednesday from the blog.  We had a death in the family.  My grandmother, Evelyn Halterman Altman.  How do I describe my grandmother.  She had a profound influence on my life.  She was many things to me.  She was a grandmother.  She was a mother.  She was a friend.  She was a travel companion.  She was a confidante.  She was a drinking buddy.  She was a spiritual guider, but not a Bible-beater.  She didn't hit you over the head with religion.  She didn't force religion.  But she was religious.  Very few people can do that.  She was a hard worker and loyal to her friends and family.  She was honest and truthful without being hurtful.

She was born in Charles County, MD on May 31, 1919.  Hers was a difficult childhood, living and working on a farm with a strong-armed father who did not spare the rod with any of his children, my grandmother included.  She was educated through I believe middle-school years, but smarter, and with a better command of the English language than anyone I have encountered graduating from any institution of learning in recent days.  She was married to my grandfather, Paul Noel Altman until his death in 1988.  She lived her remaining years a widow.  She remained in the family home for only about one year after his death at which time she sold the home to my cousin and her husband and she took an apartment in town. Unhappy there, she eventually moved in with my mother and father in the early 1990's.  My father died in July, 2000, and she and my mother remained in my family home until 2008 when they both moved to my sisters home in Midlothian, VA.  That was where my grandmother died on Thursday of last week.

Here is a picture of my grandmother and grandfather sometime in the 1930's.  Surprisingly, she still looked very much like this at the age of 95.  Stylish to the end.

And a picture taken of them, I would venture, sometime in the mid-1980's.  They were special, special people.  Both of them.  I loved them both more than I could ever express in words.  And they both loved me unconditionally.  And believe me, I brought plenty of conditions!

I grieved my grandfather in 1988 and I have grieved my grandmother this past week.  I will miss her. I think many times we think our parents and our grandparents will be here forever.  I was very fortunate to have my grandmother for 95 years.  Not many people can say that.  Our hearts will heal from this and we will move on.  But nothing will ever be the same again in my life without her.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Wine Arrived! The Wine Arrived!

Our order of wine arrived from Oliver Winery.  We were so incredibly happy to receive this shipment and very glad to see that nothing was broken.  I remember being on a flight a few years ago - I forget which airport - and looking out the window as the guys were loading the bags and seeing a luggage wagon being driven toward our plane.  At the last moment, the guy driving the wagon made a sharp left turn and when he did a box of red wine fell off the wagon and immediately started pouring out all over the tarmac.  I thought "somebody is not going to be happy."  I could envision that very same thing happening with my shipment and hoping that it did not.  Fortunately, it did not.

The box arrived, safe and sound with all bottles intact.  The special deal they were having the day we visited was a case of  six bottles of Gewurtraminer and six bottles Shiraz.  I asked if they could please remove one bottle of Gewurtraminer and let me take that with me and replace it with a bottle of Tawny, which they were kind enough to do.  If you look closely, under the top layer and to the left, you will see the bottle of Tawny carefully tucked away in a space initially intended for Gewurtraminer.

The first thing I did was to get to the Tawny.  Creekbend is another of Oliver Winery labels.

Just a bit in a snifter.  Actually I had a couple because it is so incredibly delicious.  This is a sweet dessert wine.  Perfect to serve after a heavy meal to aid digestion.  Of all the wines I insisted Cindy try, she liked this the best.

Then it was time to get the rest of the box unloaded and all of this wonderful wine stored.  I looked at different wine racks and was bored to death with all of them.  They were all different yet they were all the same.  So I went to the Container Store and found this wonderful box which works perfectly.  I love having it on the counter under the chef sculpture where I can enjoy seeing the bottles everyday when I am in the kitchen.  If we have someone stop by unannounced, I can quickly retrieve a bottle and get it cooled.  I also know what I've got in stock at any given time.  We had a wine refrigerator that we never used.  Steven's brother Bob and his new bride, Bette, are into visiting wineries and trying new blends.  So we gave them the wine refrigerator when we drove up to Gettysburg for the wedding.

I love this metal sculpture in the kitchen.  I don't know where Steven found this, but I love it.  And it is in the perfect place.

So, now we have a good supply of wine for the upcoming holidays.  And if we need or want more, we can always place an order with Oliver.