Friday, August 29, 2014

A Stop at the Deli This Morning

I made a stop at the deli this morning on the way to the office.  Devon & Blakely is a small deli just across the street from the Foggy Bottom Metro stop.  Since we are closing the office early today to give everyone a jump start on the long, holiday weekend, I thought I would start things out right for me and my friend Yvonne.

I love these eco-friendly paper bags.

They had these really cute little aluminum bottles of Coke.  I couldn't resist.

Today I decided to get us Rice Krispy Treats.  Or as the label says, "Rice "Chrispy" treats.

So it was Rice Krispy Treats and Coke for a mid-morning snack.  As far as I'm concerned, Labor Day 2014 is starting off just perfectly.  Have a great and safe weekend!!!

15 Great Cruelty-Free Companies | Cruelty-Free Beauty & Cosmetics | Living | PETA

Over the past year, I have become more and more aware of the atrocities perpetrated against defenseless animals by humans.  Much of what I have seen and read has been shocking beyond belief.  I simply had no idea that such cruelty existed in this world.

These revelations have caused me to take pause and to begin to make changes in my life that I hope will help to end some of this suffering in the animal kingdom.  A good place to begin is to choose to do business with companies who share my compassion for all animals.  And so, that is what I intend to do.

You don’t have to search too hard to find them!  Below is a list of some of those companies

Alba Botanica

Alba Botanica Logo


Aveda Logo

The Body Shop

Body Shop Logo

Earth Friendly Products

Earth Friendly Products Logo


ELF Logo




Method Logo

NYX Cosmetics

NYX Logo

Paul Mitchell Systems

Paul Mitchell Systems Logo

Physicians Formula

Physician's Formula Logo


Smashbox Logo

Tom’s of Maine

Toms of Maine Logo

Urban Decay

Urban Decay Logo

wet n wild

wet n wild Logo Full

Yes to Carrots

Yes To Carrots Logo

For companies that don’t test on animals, see PETA’s PDF list and our searchable online database of cruelty-free companies. You can also order you own free copy of PETA’s global Cruelty-Free Shopping Guide.

Urge the U.S. to ban tests on animals for cosmetics. Take action today!

Rabbit Action Button

Read more:

15 Great Cruelty-Free Companies | Cruelty-Free Beauty & Cosmetics | Living | PETA

Moo Thru

I had a follow-up visit with my dentist on Tuesday of this week.  I recently had some trouble, which I will not go into here, and the end result was having tooth number thirty extracted.  For most of us, myself included, tooth number thirty means nothing.  I can tell you, now, that it is the second tooth from the back on the bottom right side.  That is your dental lesson for the day.  My dentist is in Charlottesville, VA, which is a 3 hour drive through mostly rural Virginia countryside.  It is a beautiful drive, so I really do not mind when it is time to visit the dentist.  The drive is wonderful and relaxing.  I grew up not far from Charlottesville in one of the many small towns which make up the patchwork of Virginia.  So it is nice to visit.  Plus my dentist is wonderful and my BFF Karen is the Office Manager for his office.  Karen and I have known each other for well over 30 years now.  I adore her.

As I was driving on Tuesday, about halfway to Charlottesville, I noticed this little place along Route 29 just before Culpeper that was all about ice cream.  Freshly made ice cream.  I couldn't make out the name, but I made a mental note where it was along my route and decided I would stop on the way back to investigate further.  My thought was that it was a shop where one could buy freshly made ice cream.  Well, I was sort of right and sort of wrong.

The name of the place was/is Moo Thru.  Isn't that wonderful.  Moo Thru.

They do indeed have "real ice cream from real dairy farmers."  However, you get it on the go, hence, Moo Thru.  You have two choices.  You either park and buy your cup or cone at the window and take it with you, or your drive through and place your order and pick it up at the window.  I was in the market to bring home a few pints or even a half gallon, but that was not to be.  There was no way I could keep a cup of ice cream from melting on an hour and a half drive home.  So the next time I am out that way I will stop in for a treat.  I'm looking forward to my next dental appointment.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Bijan, The Fragrance

A quick, end-of-day post.  If you are looking for a new fragrance, one that is not like all the others, I suggest you try Bijan.

I have long been a fan of the aromatics of this brand of cologne.  I will only tell you that it is unlike any fragrance you have ever known.  It comes for both men and women.

I selected this smallish, travel-size bottle to take with me to the wedding this past weekend.  I think it is nice to keep this size bottle among your travel bags.

This is the standard sized bottle for men which is nice to keep in your dressing closet or on your tray atop the dresser or chest of drawers in your private quarters.

I have not tried the Bijan Black, but I am sure it is equally as appealing.  For more information you can visit  

Making a Greeting Card Envelope

When I bought the wedding card for my friend Bob and Bette who were married last weekend, it came with a pink envelope.  I liked this at first, but when I placed the card in its pink envelope on the blue Tiffany box which contained their wedding gift, I was less than happy with how it looked.

This just did not work for me.  Not a good combination.  I could have picked up a new, white envelope.  But anybody could do that.  So I decided I would make my own envelope using vellum.

So, I got out the envelope/box maker and got to work.  This is the handiest thing to have around for a project like this.  The instructions tell you what size paper to begin with and then where to score to make an envelope for the size of the card.

I ended up making the new envelope a little larger than the original envelope.  But it really didn't matter.  I rather liked the look of it a little over-sized.  This card was a nice, heavy card stock.  I loved the sparkle on the tie and the bouquet on the front with a simple "Mr. & Mrs."  Actually, I could have made this card.  Next time, I think I will.

Once we made the necessary folds, we slipped the card inside the envelope with the front facing the finished side of the envelope.  Notice we used a vine print vellum for this project.  Very pretty.

I was very pleased with how this looked tucked under the ribbon on the box with the message on the front of the card showing through the new envelope.

Inside, a simple and heartfelt sentiment to the bride and groom from all of us, including Baxter.  It was a beautiful day and we all had so much fun.  Congratulations again to Bob and Bette.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Midnight Snack for the Bride and Groom

I saw this done a few years ago but in a little different way and I thought it was really cute.  So I took the basic idea and adapted it for us and came up with an even better presentation.

We started with a gable-end box from the Paper Source.  These were the perfect size for what we planned.

First order of business after assembling the box was to add a goodly amount of excelsior to the bottom.  This gave some cushion to the items we would add and it was visually attractive.

We started with two mini bottles of Freixenet Cordon Negro.  One for the bride; one for the groom.

Some Almond Cashew bars, which were really delicious.  I bought an extra to sample and they are really, really good.

 We slipped the two bars between the Freixenet to help keep them stable in the box.

Then we started layering lots of yummy, delicious but healthy treats for their enjoyment later on. Next was a bag of Nature's Joy California Pistachios.

A bag of Cashew Crunch.  I recently read some information online about the health benefits of consuming cashews.  Not only do cashews have a lower fat content than most other nuts, approximately 82% of their fat is unsaturated fatty acids, plus about 66% of this unsaturated fatty acid content are heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, similar to those found in olive oil. Studies of diabetic patients show that monounsaturated fat, when added to a low-fat diet, can help to reduce high triglyceride levels. Triglycerides are a form in which fats are carried in the blood, and high triglyceride levels are associated with an increased risk for heart disease, so ensuring you have some monounsaturated fats in your diet by enjoying cashews is a good idea, especially for persons with diabetes.

Lastly, we added two more Almond Cashew bars on top.  At this point we had filled our snack box to the brim.  So we closed it up and we were ready to present it to the bride and groom on their wedding day.

Here it is, ready to be presented.

A close-up view of the label.  Such a great idea and it can be done very reasonably.  It will be most appreciated.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Old School Out of the Office Notification

When I have plans that take me out of the office, I let those in my immediate group know.  But there are others who may need to interact with me from other groups who are not necessarily privy to my day-to-day comings and goings.  So to make things easier for all involved, I created a Word document and called it "Out of Office Insert."  I have had this document saved in my directory for quite some time.  Each time I am scheduled to be out, I open this document and change the dates to reflect when I will be out and when I will return.  Take a look.

I created a very simple text box in Word which is 5" wide by 7" in height.  The wording is simple and straightforward.  I usually insert a clip art image at the bottom which reflects the reason for my absence. Since I will be attending the wedding of my friends Bob and Bette this time, I included  clip art of a wedding band.

After printing, I cut out along the text box lines and insert the notice into a lucite holder which can be purchased at any Staple's or Office Depot office supply.

Then I place this in a location which will be easily seen by all who may stop by my desk during my absence. Usually next to my mailbox.  While we all rely heavily on our electronic devices these days to stay in touch and to alert everyone to our whereabouts, I find this type of notice is still very helpful.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Detachable Lens for Smart Phones

I found the neatest thing recently and I have to share it with you.  We are talking about lens for your smart phone which give you more functionality.  They come packaged together.  One is s Wide-Macro Lens and the other is a Fish Eye Lens.  I ordered these from a place called MobStub Daily Deals (  #MobStubDailyDeals.

So I did a little experimenting this morning.  Here is a picture of my desk using the wide angled lens.

And here is a picture using the fish eye lens.  These were taken very hastily, so they are not the very best. But I LOVE them.  With a little time and practice and patience I'm certain these are going to become a very useful tool at Welcome to Crest Avenue.  I have given you a link to their site above, so check them out. They have very many wonderful items for sale at up to 90% off retail price.  You can't beat that.  And who doesn't love getting something for a great price?!?!!

These are so wonderful and I know I am going to have great fun playing with them.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wedding Favor Boxes Assembled

Sunday will be here before you know it.  So we have been busy preparing the favor boxes.  We finished assembling them yesterday.  Actually, we needed to fill the organza bags with white almonds first.

Fortunately, this is going to be an intimate wedding.  Guest list is currently at 26.  We made 30 favor boxes just in case. And we will be taking the bag of white Jordan Almonds and some additional unassembled, flat boxes and bags with us, just in case.

As we began our assembling.  Two boxes, ready to go.

And here are thirty boxes filled with little organza bags of white Jordan Almonds.  Five almonds per bag. One bag per box.  These will be so cute on the table at each place setting.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

New Lamps for the Bedroom?

As many of you know, we have begun cleaning out Crest Avenue and we are setting about with some upgrades to Dewey Street.  Steven was out and about this afternoon and found some lamps which we think will work in the master bedroom.

This, I love.

This, I do not.  Or rather, the first one I think will work better than this.  There is nothing wrong with this candlestick lamp.  It would be beautiful on a side table or buffet.  But the nightstands in the master bedroom are Hollywood Regency style.  They need a substantial lamp like the one in the first picture.

More to follow on this.